45 overs Cheshire Development xi v Lancashire 2nd xi
Thursday, June 06 2013 (10:24) at Sale CC
Cheshire Development xi Won By 2 wickets
Cheshire Development xi won toss and decided to field
Lancashire 2nd xiCheshire Development xi
275 for 9 (45.0 overs)276 for 8 (44.4 overs)
2 Hours, 49 Minutes.3 Hours, 13 Minutes.
Lancashire 2nd xi
H Hameedrun out1117291064.71
LA Procterb A Clarke888210864107.32
L Westonc T Marslandb J Riley2325262192.00
AM Lilley*c R Dixonb C Reid78688491114.71
R Jonesc T Marslandb C Reid2126323080.77
L Watkinsonrun out13110033.33
C Turnerrun out1530020.00
TE Baileynot out1724250170.83
M McKiernanc R Dixonb J Williams61081060.00
J McDonnagh+c A Clarkeb D Cramner2870025.00
L Williamsnot out1510020.00
Extras0b 3lb 17w 6nb 0pen26
Provisional Score For Innings275
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total275for 9
A Davis6.003700 (0)0 (0)0.006.17
D Cramner9.004713 (3)0 (0)57.005.22
T Thayalan2.002004 (6)0 (0)0.0010.00
J Riley5.003813 (3)2 (6)35.007.60
A Clarke9.005010 (0)0 (0)54.005.56
J Williams6.004211 (1)0 (0)37.007.00
C Reid8.013823 (4)0 (0)25.504.75
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
H Hameed1-5050H Hameed (11) LA Procter (38)7.5
L Weston2-9949L Weston (23) LA Procter (15)13.3
LA Procter3-18485LA Procter (35) AM Lilley (44)26.4
AM Lilley4-24258AM Lilley (34) R Jones (21)35.4
R Jones5-2420R Jones (0) L Watkinson (0)35.5
C Turner6-2431C Turner (1) L Watkinson (0)36.4
L Watkinson7-2496L Watkinson (1) TE Bailey (3)38.2
M McKiernan8-25910M McKiernan (6) TE Bailey (2)40.6
J McDonnagh9-27415J McDonnagh (2) TE Bailey (12)44.1
Cheshire Development xi
A Roylancec L Williamsb L Watkinson3243542274.42
S Normantonb L Watkinson1119350057.89
A Clarkec J McDonnaghb L Williams1821332085.71
M Foakesc J McDonnaghb AM Lilley621350028.57
C Reidc L Watkinsonb L Weston10797118113110.31
R Dixon*run out (L Williams)38324441118.75
D Cramnerrun out (AM Lilley)1019260052.63
T Marsland+run out (M McKiernan)1617311094.12
J Williamsnot out33500100.00
A Davisnot out000000.00
J Riley
T Thayalan
Extras5b 3lb 19w 8nb 0pen35
Provisional Score For Innings276
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total276for 8
TE Bailey8.405101 (1)4 (8)0.005.88
L Watkinson9.005725 (6)0 (0)29.506.33
AM Lilley9.013513 (3)0 (0)57.003.89
L Williams7.005819 (9)0 (0)51.008.29
M McKiernan7.004700 (0)0 (0)0.006.71
R Jones1.00500 (0)0 (0)0.005.00
L Weston3.001510 (0)0 (0)18.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Normanton1-4141S Normanton (11) A Roylance (23)7.4
A Roylance2-6019A Roylance (9) A Clarke (8)11.6
A Clarke3-8121A Clarke (10) M Foakes (4)15.2
M Foakes4-10019M Foakes (2) C Reid (12)20.5
R Dixon5-17979R Dixon (38) C Reid (40)31.4
D Cramner6-21637D Cramner (10) C Reid (22)37.6
C Reid7-26448C Reid (33) T Marsland (9)43.4
T Marsland8-2739T Marsland (7) J Williams (2)44.4
Match Report
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: I Greensmith G Wellsteed
Scorers: S Wrighty DM White