Championship Warwickshire 2nd xi v Lancashire 2nd xi
Wednesday, June 12 2013 (10:52) at West Brom Dartmouth CC
Points: Warwickshire 2nd xi: 5 Lancashire 2nd xi: 10
Warwickshire 2nd xi won toss and decided to field
Lancashire 2nd xi (1st Innings)Warwickshire 2nd xi (1st Innings)
264 for 10 (72.2 overs)105 for 10 (31.0 overs)
5 Hours, 11 Minutes.2 Hours, 19 Minutes.
Warwickshire 2nd xi (2nd Innings)Lancashire 2nd xi (2nd Innings)
79 for 6 Abandon (29.3 overs)0 for 0 (0.0 overs)
1 Hour, 51 Minutes.0 Minutes.
Lancashire 2nd xi (1st Innings)
TC Smithc Atkinsonb SA Piolet7211215914064.29
KR Brown*b TW Allin741311779356.49
AL Davies+c JB Lintottb RO Gordon623411026.09
SC Moorec TP Lewisb RO Gordon2631445083.87
J Clarkc Atkinsonb OJ Hannon-Dalby0312000.00
L Livingstonec Atkinsonb OJ Hannon-Dalby2448843050.00
AM Lilleynot out4056898071.43
TE Baileyc Atkinsonb OJ Hannon-Dalby21010020.00
M McKiernanlbwb OJ Hannon-Dalby040000.00
G Griffithslbwb JB Lintott030000.00
A Ghausc and bJB Lintott718101038.89
J Whitehead
Extras0b 3lb 0w 10nb 0pen13
Provisional Score For Innings264
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total264for 10
OJ Hannon-Dalby19.025340 (0)1 (2)28.752.79
TP Milns6.031800 (0)0 (0)0.003.00
TW Allin10.014010 (0)0 (0)60.004.00
SA Ali5.003200 (0)0 (0)0.006.40
RO Gordon14.016120 (0)4 (8)44.004.36
SA Piolet10.053010 (0)0 (0)60.003.00
DL Maddy3.00900 (0)0 (0)0.003.00
JB Lintott5.201820 (0)0 (0)16.003.38
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
TC Smith1-142142TC Smith (72) KR Brown (61)36.5
KR Brown2-15614KR Brown (13) AL Davies (1)41.2
AL Davies3-17620AL Davies (5) SC Moore (15)46.5
J Clark4-1793J Clark (0) SC Moore (1)47.6
SC Moore5-18910SC Moore (10) L Livingstone (0)50.4
L Livingstone6-25364L Livingstone (24) AM Lilley (38)65.3
TE Bailey7-2552TE Bailey (2) AM Lilley (0)67.1
M McKiernan8-2550M McKiernan (0) AM Lilley (0)67.5
G Griffiths9-2561G Griffiths (0) AM Lilley (1)68.3
A Ghaus10-2648A Ghaus (7) AM Lilley (1)72.2
Warwickshire 2nd xi (1st Innings)
DL Maddyc AL Daviesb G Griffiths414201028.57
FR Colemanlbwb TC Smith510141050.00
TP Lewisc AL Daviesb G Griffiths1828443064.29
S Hainc TC Smithb G Griffiths012000.00
SA Piolet*c J Clarkb TC Smith01423000.00
TP Milnsc J Clarkb TC Smith323260013.04
JB Lintottc J Whiteheadb TC Smith1926473073.08
Atkinson+lbwb TC Smith1116211168.75
TW Allinc J Clarkb A Ghaus2022292090.91
OJ Hannon-Dalbynot out726321026.92
RO Gordonlbwb AM Lilley01215000.00
SA Ali
Extras1b 5lb 0w 12nb 0pen18
Provisional Score For Innings105
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total105for 10
G Griffiths10.023030 (0)1 (2)20.333.00
TC Smith12.033150 (0)0 (0)14.402.58
TE Bailey5.022600 (0)2 (4)0.005.20
A Ghaus3.001210 (0)3 (6)21.004.00
AM Lilley1.01010 (0)0 (0)6.000.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
FR Coleman1-1010FR Coleman (5) DL Maddy (4)3.3
DL Maddy2-188DL Maddy (0) TP Lewis (4)4.3
S Hain3-180S Hain (0) TP Lewis (0)4.4
SA Piolet4-257SA Piolet (0) TP Lewis (6)9.4
TP Lewis5-3712TP Lewis (8) TP Milns (2)12.5
TP Milns6-392TP Milns (1) JB Lintott (1)15.3
Atkinson7-6324Atkinson (11) JB Lintott (13)21.1
JB Lintott8-8219JB Lintott (5) TW Allin (10)23.5
TW Allin9-9715TW Allin (10) OJ Hannon-Dalby (3)27.1
RO Gordon10-1058RO Gordon (0) OJ Hannon-Dalby (4)30.6
Warwickshire 2nd xi (2nd Innings)
DL Maddyc AL Daviesb TE Bailey031000.00
FR Colemanc J Clarkb TC Smith1642482038.10
TP Lewislbwb AM Lilley1848724037.50
S Hainlbwb TC Smith1022232045.45
RO Gordonc AL Daviesb G Griffiths11816005.56
SA Piolet*not out930371030.00
TP Milnsc AM Lilleyb TC Smith1213192092.31
JB Lintottnot out44310100.00
TW Allin
SA Ali
OJ Hannon-Dalby
Extras0b 3lb 0w 6nb 0pen9
Provisional Score For Innings79
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total79for 6
TE Bailey6.021210 (0)1 (2)37.002.00
G Griffiths7.302610 (0)2 (4)47.003.47
AM Lilley7.05810 (0)0 (0)42.001.14
TC Smith9.033030 (0)0 (0)18.003.33
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
DL Maddy1-00DL Maddy (0) FR Coleman (0)0.3
FR Coleman2-3131FR Coleman (16) TP Lewis (10)12.2
S Hain3-4918S Hain (10) TP Lewis (8)18.4
TP Lewis4-490TP Lewis (0) RO Gordon (0)19.2
RO Gordon5-523RO Gordon (1) SA Piolet (0)23.3
TP Milns6-7523TP Milns (12) SA Piolet (9)28.2
Lancashire 2nd xi (2nd Innings)
SC Moore
KR Brown*
TC Smith
AL Davies+
J Clark
L Livingstone
J Whitehead
AM Lilley
TE Bailey
M McKiernan
G Griffiths
A Ghaus
Extras0b 0lb 0w 0nb 0pen0
Provisional Score For Innings0
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total0for 0
Match Report
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: P Pollard T Lungley
Scorers: SM Drinkwater DM White