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Trafalgar Road Ground: Lancashire v Hampshire

LV County Championship Division 1

Southport & Birkdale
28/08/13 @ 11.00
4 Days

Lancashire V Hampshire

English LV= County Championship Division Two 2013

31/08/2013 15:02 View Desktop Scorecard (pop-up)

Lancashire win by 122 runs

Hampshire 2nd inningsRunsBalls4s6sSR
M.D.T. Robertslbwb K.W. Hogg19343055.88
J.H.K. Adamsc A.P. Agathangeloub G. Chapple471057.14
L.A. Dawsonlbwb T.C. Smith260033.33
N.D. McKenziec T.C. Smithb S.C. Kerrigan441026043.14
J.M. Vinceb K.W. Hogg20314064.52
S.M. Ervinec L.A. Procterb S.C. Kerrigan5230021.74
A.J. Wheaterc G.D. Crossb S.C. Kerrigan14023222160.34
C.P. Woodrun out6241025.00
M.T. Colesb L.M. Reece6814811045.95
J.A. Tomlinsonnot out302150142.86
B.J. Taylorst G.D. Crossb S.C. Kerrigan20274074.07
Extras5b 6lb 4nb 15
Totalall out (108.5 ovs)373RR: 3.43

Fall of wickets: 1-8 (J.H.K. Adams, 8), 2-16 (L.A. Dawson, 8), 3-26 (M.D.T. Roberts, 10), 4-52 (J.M. Vince, 26), 5-63 (S.M. Ervine, 11), 6-107 (N.D. McKenzie, 44), 7-129 (C.P. Wood, 22), 8-320 (A.J. Wheater, 191), 9-320 (M.T. Coles, 0), 10-373 (B.J. Taylor, 53)

K.W. Hogg26.077522.88
G. Chapple2.00613.00
T.C. Smith19.038014.21
*S.C. Kerrigan37.589742.56
S.J. Croft14.025904.21
A.P. Agathangelou5.012004.00
L.A. Procter1.00505.00
L.M. Reece4.012015.00
Lancashire 2nd inningsRunsBalls4s6sSR
P.J. Hortonc C.P. Woodb B.J. Taylor11115412272.08
L.M. Reecec A.J. Wheaterb B.J. Taylor659011072.22
A.G. Princec & b B.J. Taylor38504176.00
A.P. Agathangelouc C.P. Woodb B.J. Taylor281922147.37
S.J. Croftnot out8150153.33
L.A. Procterb L.A. Dawson10120183.33
Extras14lb 2w 8nb 24
Totalfor 5 dec (56.0 ovs)284RR: 5.07

Fall of wickets: 1-166 (L.M. Reece, 166), 2-225 (A.G. Prince, 59), 3-256 (P.J. Horton, 31), 4-264 (A.P. Agathangelou, 8), 5-284 (L.A. Procter, 20)

C.P. Wood7.003705.29
J.A. Tomlinson7.013404.86
J.M. Vince5.002805.60
M.T. Coles7.022002.86
L.A. Dawson12.017015.83
*B.J. Taylor14.026444.57
S.M. Ervine4.001704.25
Hampshire 1st inningsRunsBalls4s6sSR
M.D.T. Robertsc G.D. Crossb K.W. Hogg16253064.00
J.H.K. Adamslbwb K.W. Hogg013000.00
L.A. Dawsonlbwb K.W. Hogg29326090.63
N.D. McKenziec S.J. Croftb K.W. Hogg5141035.71
J.M. Vincec G. Chappleb S.C. Kerrigan10614514373.10
S.M. Ervinec A.G. Princeb G. Chapple12431027.91
A.J. Wheaterc P.J. Hortonb S.C. Kerrigan22373159.46
C.P. Woodb S.C. Kerrigan180012.50
M.T. Colesc A.G. Princeb K.W. Hogg01000.00
J.A. Tomlinsonc G.D. Crossb G. Chapple7371018.92
B.J. Taylornot out05000.00
Extras8lb 2w 2nb 12
Totalall out (59.5 ovs)210RR: 3.51

Fall of wickets: 1-9 (J.H.K. Adams, 9), 2-24 (M.D.T. Roberts, 15), 3-42 (N.D. McKenzie, 18), 4-51 (L.A. Dawson, 9), 5-92 (S.M. Ervine, 41), 6-148 (A.J. Wheater, 56), 7-155 (C.P. Wood, 7), 8-156 (M.T. Coles, 1), 9-206 (J.A. Tomlinson, 50), 10-210 (J.M. Vince, 4)

K.W. Hogg14.023952.79
G. Chapple15.053522.33
T.C. Smith11.015605.09
*S.C. Kerrigan14.534833.24
L.A. Procter3.001304.33
S.J. Croft2.001105.50
Lancashire 1st inningsRunsBalls4s6sSR
P.J. Hortonc J.M. Vinceb J.A. Tomlinson4141028.57
L.M. Reecelbwb J.A. Tomlinson509310053.76
A.G. Princec A.J. Wheaterb S.M. Ervine638510174.12
A.P. Agathangelouc J.M. Vinceb M.T. Coles30883034.09
S.J. Croftc M.D.T. Robertsb L.A. Dawson9521017.31
L.A. Procterc L.A. Dawsonb C.P. Wood661528043.42
T.C. Smithc J.M. Vinceb L.A. Dawson28545051.85
G.D. Crossc S.M. Ervineb J.A. Tomlinson26316083.87
K.W. Hoggc J.H.K. Adamsb J.M. Vince5191026.32
G. Chapplec S.M. Ervineb J.M. Vince63655296.92
S.C. Kerrigannot out62707288.57
Extras5b 5lb 1w 4nb 15
Totalall out (120.1 ovs)421RR: 3.50

Fall of wickets: 1-8 (P.J. Horton, 8), 2-128 (A.G. Prince, 120), 3-133 (L.M. Reece, 5), 4-163 (S.J. Croft, 30), 5-171 (A.P. Agathangelou, 8), 6-238 (T.C. Smith, 67), 7-276 (G.D. Cross, 38), 8-292 (K.W. Hogg, 16), 9-307 (L.A. Procter, 15), 10-421 (G. Chapple, 114)

J.A. Tomlinson30.099133.03
C.P. Wood28.087612.71
M.T. Coles23.058913.87
B.J. Taylor8.014205.25
S.M. Ervine9.013413.78
L.A. Dawson20.027723.85
*J.M. Vince2.10220.92

Bonus Points: Lancashire 7, Hampshire 4

Toss: Lancashire won the toss and elected to bat.

Lancashire: Luis Reece, Paul Horton, Ashwell Prince, Steven Croft, Andrea Agathangelou, Luke Procter, Tom Smith, Gareth Cross (wk), Kyle Hogg, Glen Chapple (cpt), Simon Kerrigan

Hampshire: Jimmy Adams (cpt), Michael Roberts, Liam Dawson, Neil McKenzie, James Vince, Sean Ervine, Adam Wheater (wk), James Tomlinson, Chris Wood, Matt Coles, Brad Taylor

Umpires: J W Lloyds (On Field), N L Bainton (On Field)

* indicates the batsman on strike and the bowler currently bowling


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