Cricket Centre Courses 2015/15

Summer Recreational Courses:

(ideal for School / Club standard players)          

Tue 28th July      11 – 14yrs            10am – 4pm       £25

Thu 30th July      6 – 10yrs              10am – 4pm       £25

Mon 3rd Aug      6 – 10yrs              10am – 4pm       £25

Fri 14th Aug        6 – 10yrs              10am – 4pm       £25

Mon 17th Aug   6 – 10yrs              10am – 4pm       £25

Mon 24th Aug   11 – 14yrs            10am – 4pm       £25

Thu 27th Aug     6 – 10yrs              10am – 4pm       £25

Summer Development Courses (11-16yrs):

(ideal for Club / District standard players)         

Fri 31st July         10am – 3pm       £37.50

Thu 6th Aug        10am – 3pm       £37.50

Thu 13th Aug     10am – 3pm       £37.50

Tue 25th Aug     10am – 3pm       £37.50

Summer Development Skills Workshops (11-14yrs):

(ideal for District / County standard players)    

Wed 5th Aug      Batting                  10am – 12pm      £20

Wed 5th Aug      Bowling                1pm – 3pm          £20

Mon 10th Aug   Batting                  10am – 12pm      £20

Mon 10th Aug   Bowling                1pm – 3pm          £20

Wed 26th Aug   Wicket-Keeping   10am – 12pm      £20

Wed 26th Aug   Batting                  1pm – 3pm          £20

Summer Residential (11-15yrs):

(ideal for Club / District / County standard players)      

Wed 19th Aug – Thu 20th Aug     11 – 15yrs            £140

Includes 4 coaching sessions, overnight accommodation in the OT Lodge, all meals & ticket for RL50 match (Lancashire v Glamorgan)

Summer 121 Deal (1st May – 31st August)

121 coaching lesson for an adult or junior player with one of our resident coaches just £20.00 per hour (usually £30-£34 per hour)

Winter Graded Nets      9 – 12yrs (12pm – 1.30pm); 12 – 16yrs (1.30pm – 3pm)    £60.00 / 5-week course

(ideal for Club / District standard players)



Tuesdays (subj. to demand)

Thursdays (subj.   to demand)

Course #1:

10th Oct   – 7th Nov

13th Oct   – 9th Nov

15th Oct   – 11th Nov

Course #2:

14th Nov   – 12th Dec

17th Nov   – 15th Dec

19th Nov   – 17th Dec

Course #3:

2nd Jan   – 30th Jan



Course #4:

6th Feb   – 5th March



5-Week Specialised Course        12 – 16yrs (6pm – 8pm) £85.00 / 5-week course

(ideal for District / County standard players)




Course #1:

13th Oct   – 9th Nov

15th Oct   – 11th Nov

Course #2:

17th Nov   – 15th Dec

19th Nov   – 7th Dec

A variety of courses are available and you can find information attached.

For new players looking to get into the game or for those who have played some cricket at school or club level, our Recreational Courses will be the perfect environment for any children aged between 3 and 15 years.

Players who are aiming towards District or County squads (aged nine years and upwards) should look to our Graded Nets, Development Courses and Specialised Courses, which have been designed to help you focus on specific areas of your game.

Please see below a list of our courses. Click on the link to download our PDF with details of the course selected.

For more information or to book onto any of the above courses, contact Ruth on 0161 868 6778 or email