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Lanky's Diary

What a weekend!

Just because Lancashire haven’t played at Old Trafford for a couple of weeks, it doesn’t mean I get much time off! Some of you may have seen me at G-Mex on Saturday, taking part in the Kids Fun Ideas Show – there’s a picture on this page of the fun I was having! There were lots of new people to meet, and music to dance to – my ideal Saturday really!

I was letting everyone know what a great club the Lancashire Thunderbolts is, and especially that it costs just 12.50 to join for the whole season! Out of all the fun ideas you can have about how to spend your summer, I think coming to watch Lancashire is the best one!

Don’t forget we also have games at Liverpool and Blackpool! There’s the brilliant Kids for a Quid offer too, at the Gloucestershire Gladiators Pro40 League match on 17th and the LVCC match against Hampshire starting on 22nd July.

In cricket news, the Twenty20 Cup Quarter Final against Middlesex is fast approaching. I shall stick my hooves up on the sofa and have a bowl full of leaves to snack on so I don’t have to miss a moment on Tuesday night! It’s a shame that the tie’s not at Old Trafford, I’d have loved to be there to cheer the boys on! I’ve got a very good feeling about the match, and I think we’re going to get through to Finals Day yet again!

On that positive note, I’d best be off – I need to send positive vibes down to the Oval! Ohhh, Lanky Lanky!

Speak soon,