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Cricket for Beginners - Part 3
Cricket for Beginners - Part 3
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‘Getting out for a duck’ is to get out on a score of 0. It is thought that the term comes from 0 looking like a duck egg. A golden duck is when a batsman gets out first ball.

Silly Point
This is a fielding position on the batsman’s off side. It is given the prefix because of how close it is to the batsman – ‘silly’ because the fielder is in more danger of being struck.

Cow Corner
This is an area of the field roughly between deep mid-wicket and deep long-on, which are on the leg side in front of the batsman. Cow corner is so-called because few shots are purposely played there. It is an area where fielders are rarely positioned, leading to the thought that cows could graze there without being disturbed.

This is a term for an unplayable delivery. It is thought to originate from being a ‘juicy’ delivery, much like a jaffa orange.

A Yorker is a bowl which bounces near the batsman’s feet, making it very difficult for him to hit with the bat. When bowled correctly, the batsman is a prime target for an LBW appeal or being bowled. Lancashire fans will like its origins – the use of the word Yorker in cricket is thought to derive from an 18th/19th Century slang term ‘to put Yorkshire on someone’, meaning to deceive them.

This is an over where no runs are scored off the bat. A maiden is an old fashioned term for a single woman, and in cricket refers to a lack of productivity.

Dobber/Dibbly Dobbly
A dobber is a slow bowler (not a spin bowler), and dibbly dobblies are the deliveries he bowls – in theory they are easy pickings for the batsman.

Feather Bed
A Feather Bed is a pitch which is soft and slow with predictable bounce. It is heaven for a batsman and hell for a bowler, who gets no assistance from the surface.