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Muhammad Abid Profile
Muhammad Abid Profile
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Profile on Muhammad Abid

Name: Muhammad Abid
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Lahore, Pakistan (now a British citizen)

How long have you been playing cricket and which clubs have you played for?
I have been playing cricket for three years and I played for Ashton cricket club 1st X1 2006, Lancashire and England under 15.

Cricketing hero?
Shane Warne

Favourite shot?
Cover drive

Bat used?
Gunn & Moore

Where would you most like to tour?
New Zealand

Football club supported?
Manchester United

Favourite band/artist?
50 Cent

Favourite TV show?
Sky Sports

Favourite food?

Any superstitions?

Three things you'd take to a desert island?
1. I-pod
2. TV/DVD player
3. & a cricket bat!