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The dawn breaks as the mist rises off the River Irwell, at the bend of the river in Salford, and one of Manchester's earliest cricket clubs is born in the early 1800's.

The first Old Trafford pavilion built in 1857
at the newly-opened ground
of Manchester Cricket Club

At the break of day cricketers meet to play at the Adelphi, a green field opposite the crescent in Salford. The team was called 'The Aurora' for they met at dawn to play cricket.

This was Salford 100 years before L.S.Lowry painted the Mill chimneys and factory streets.
Meanwhile 30 miles to the west, in Liverpool, young men wipe the sleep from their eyes as they assemble in the cow shed on Mosslake Fields to play a game of cricket `for the 'Original and Unrivalled Mosslake Fields Cricket Society'. This was the grass-roots of cricket in Lancashire, enthusiastic young men determined to play the game even if it meant getting up at the crack of dawn and playing a couple of hours cricket before work.

In 1864 the leading members of the Manchester Cricket Club (who had moved to Old Trafford in 1857) organised a meeting at the Queen's Hotel for the purpose of forming a County club.

Sam Swire - the first Secretary of Lancashire CCC

Thirteen clubs were represented and on the 12th January 1864 Lancashire County Cricket Club was born. The idea of playing matches in different parts of the county was adopted, '"By this means it is hoped to introduce other good cricket into every part of Lancashire".

S.H.Swire who was to become the first Secretary, did not approve of this action as he thought Old Trafford should be used for all matches.

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