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Fielding Positions - Part 4


Point & Backward Point

Jonty Rhodes, Paul Collingwood, AB de Villiers and Lancashire's Steven Croft are some of the most renowned fielders in world cricket – and they all field at point. This position requires athleticism, concentration and real skill – and therefore usually the best fielder in the side.

Point is square of the crease on the off-side and the player standing there will see a lot of the action. The point fielder will sometimes move to ‘backward point’, which, as you might imagine, is behind square on the off-side. Back foot shots like the square cut may be offered to this fielder as difficult chances, or they could be called on to parry, stop or smother shots which might otherwise be certain boundaries.

Silly point is not the most enjoyable place to field. It is a close catching position usually requiring a helmet and shin pads. The silly point will often be called on when a spinner is in operation, to try and take advantage of any bat pad chances.