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Junior Thunderbolts STORY
Fielding Positions - Part 5


It is very likely that there will be a bowler fielding in the third man area for a number of reasons. Third man is behind the wicket-keeper on the off-side, so if the bowler is between overs he will stay at the correct end. This helps the over rate and keeps the game ticketing along smoothly. Bowlers also have strong arms which mean they will be able to field the ball and return it to the wicket-keeper – a distance away – accurately and effectively.

Third man is a position that does not involve sharp catches or fast reflexes – usually the fielding consists of sweeping around the boundary area and preventing fours and sixes. This gives the fielder more time to rest and regain their energy for later exertions with the ball.

More attacking fields today will not employ a third man, but in one-day games and run chases it can be a valuable placement, eliminating sneaky boundaries behind the wicket.