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Jimmy answers your questions!

Over the past 2-years, Lancashire's James Anderson has been arguably England's number 1 seam bowler. In February, Jimmy missed England's tour of Bangladesh with a knee injury suffered during England's tour of South Africa. During his recovery programme at Old Trafford, Jimmy took time out to answer questions sent into him by Red Rose Members and supporters.

Did you always believe you and Monty could protect your wickets at Cardiff during the first Ashes Test last year?  And what did you say to each other between each ball and change of over? (Richard Hutchings)

Probably not from the start! We both said we will watch every ball as hard as we could and see what happened. The longer we batted, the more we thought we could do it.

Lord’s aside, what is your favourite county ground to play on, and why? (Nick Thornley)

I'd have to say Old Trafford. Not just because it's my home ground but because I grew up supporting Lancashire and watched my heroes play there. So it was always a dream to play there. 










What is your favourite and least favourite country to tour and why? (Howard Irving)

We are quite lucky because most cricket playing nations are nice holiday destinations. West Indies, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India are all good places to tour. Obviously there are places within each country that you would rather not go to!  My favourite places include Barbados, Cape Town and Auckland.

What are the worst things about living out of a suitcase? (Sheila Holt)

The hardest thing about being away from home is missing my family. I don't mind travelling and moving from hotel to hotel. I also enjoy seeing different parts of the world. But I do find it difficult to leave my family behind when I do go on tour.
What has been your best moment of your cricket career to date – both individually and as a team? (Alex Risk)

The highlight of my career from an individual point of view would be my 4-27 at Cape Town vs Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup. There were a lot of English fans there and it was the first game for England and my Dad saw me play in the flesh which made it extra special.                                

Also, more recently, I just got my best ODI figures against South Africa, 5-23, and that helped us go 2-1 up in that series which we ended up winning.

From a team point of view, winning the Ashes in 2009 would have to be the highlight for me.


















Under Duncan Fletcher’s regime you spent an extended period as the “drinks carrier” and weren’t allowed to play for Lancashire.  Do you think this had a negative effect on your progress? (John Lane)

It certainly didn't help! I think when Peter Moores first took over with England he got it right with players who were on the fringe of the team. I felt like I played enough cricket as well as spending enough time with England to feel part of the team. I certainly felt I missed a lot of cricket under Duncan Fletcher and when playing in the middle is very important in a player’s development it is something I felt he got wrong.

Over the past two years, you have been England’s number 1 seam bowler, what is the secret to your consistency and ability to bowl in all conditions? (Matt Jackson)

There is no secret to consistency!  The only way to gain consistency is by working hard in practice.  Getting used to the differing conditions around the world just comes with experience. The more you tour and play in the various countries, the more you lean how to bowl on certain pitches.  
What methods have you employed to improve your batting? (Simon Edwards)

One thing that has helped me with my batting is the 'buddy system' which has been introduced over the last couple of years.

Basically the bowlers are paired-up with the batters when it comes to batting practice. My buddy is Alastair Cook. So we practice together and he gives me help and advice.

This has also help me think more like a batsman which has helped me improve

Who would you like to see as England bowling coach? (Dave Taylor)

I think this is a vital role within the team, so to get the right person is very important. Over the last few years we have had some excellent coaches but they all seem to leave at awkward times!

Troy Cooley, a few years ago, was brilliant. He was with the team during the 2005 Ashes win but left soon after, going home to Australia. Then Ottis Gibson, who has recently left, was also great and will be very hard to replace. 
 How hard is it to balance having a busy cricket calendar with a young family? (Andrea Bradbury)

It is hard but I am very lucky that I have an understanding wife! We met when I had started playing for England so she knew what she was getting herself into! I can be hard at times but is all worth it.
If you had to pick a World XI Test Team based on the past 5 years, who would they be? (Alex Williams)
Smith (capt)
Gilchrist (w/k)                                       
Zaheer Khan                     

Who is the best captain you’ve ever played under? (Janet Hayes)
That's a tough one. I think Strauss is great as captain at the moment for England and Glen Chapple is doing a fantastic job for Lancashire too. For me though the best captain I have played under is Nasser Hussain. He wasn't everyone’s cup of tea but he really got the best out of me and I really enjoyed playing under him.











What’s the best perk you’ve received because of your status as an England cricketer? (John Dark)
I once got a case of water through our sponsors. Rock and roll! The biggest perk for me is getting to play a sport that I love, that I started as a hobby, and get paid for it.
Who do you see as the contenders for the ICC World Twenty20? (Gavin Crosby)
I think this year’s T20 World Cup is wide open. With match winners such as KP, Morgan, Collingwood, Swann and Broad I think we have got the best chance we have had for some time. The other obvious teams in with a chance are Australia and India.