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30th January 2013
Twitness the Fitness–Ice Baths

Lancashire's players have been continuing to work hard in in their warm weather training, and there has been plenty of ‘pain in Spain' over the last couple of days.

The players have been concentrating heavily on their fitness and have been working on a few fielding drills, with the losers taking part in a gruelling forfeit. 

Strength and Conditioning Coach Phil Scott has given a summary of events to accompany the tweets to @LancsCCC.

Scott said: “Day Two started with the early morning run, individual prehab and sprints races in the sand. However, things later became competitive.

“The guys’ appetites have also stepped up a notch with Newbs [Oliver Newby] leading the way with a plate of eggs on toast washed down with nine Weetabix and a coffee!

“After breakfast, the guys took part in a two and a half hour fielding session. Part of the fielding session included a catching competition between two teams, ending with an ice bath forfeit in the pool. Every dropped catch equalled ten seconds in the pool.

“The guys enjoyed a well-earned mid-afternoon break before a gruelling interval session on the field, with Moorsey [Peter Moores] joining in and hot on their heels.

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