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1st February 2013
Spanish Fitness Inquisition

Lancashire's week in Spain is coming to an end with the players stepping up the intensity of their pre-season training.

Peter Moores and half of the playing staff have taken advantage of being away from the nets and outside in warmer conditions by focusing heavily on fitness and fielding drills. The other half of the Red Rose squad have been training in Manchester and will head out to Spain next week for their fitness sessions.

The Red Rose’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Phil Scott, who has been tweeting pictures to @LancsCCC throughout the week, has given another detailed account of the players’ tough training schedule.

“After two heavy days we reduced the volume of training the guys went through on Wednesday but maintained the intensity,” Scott said.

“They had their first lie in until 8.15am and made the most of it. A sharp technical fielding session was followed immediately by their heavy weights session.

“Day four meant back into the heavy training, with the usual run down to the gym at 7.30am, prehab work and a yoga session led by Kim Roberts. This gave them a chance to ease out any tight spots and loosen up for the rest of the day.

“A speed and agility session was followed by two hours of fielding in perfect conditions. The afternoon session consisted of trunk conditioning and hill sprints before a well-deserved dinner.

“Day five began with an early run on the beach and it will be one last hard push after breakfast to finish off a tough week.”