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6th February 2013
Twitness The Fitness: Week 2
Twitness The Fitness: Week 2
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THE SECOND group of Lancashire players are currently being put through their paces in Almanzora, Spain ahead of the new season.

LCCC Physio Sam Byrne (@bumperbyrne) has been tweeting updates from the Desert Springs resort and is also writing a daily diary below.

Day One

After arriving on Sunday afternoon and enjoying some of the hospitality at Desert Springs, the players were up before sunrise and jogged down to the gym in the moonlight as the sun rose over the complex.

A solid early morning session in the gym and explosive power work on the tennis court steps, was followed up by breakfast. It was great to get outside in the sun later in the morning for a high intensity fielding session, and the bowlers were able to bowl longer than usual spells on the grass.

Afternoon recovery was followed up by a heavy strength session back in the gym, max pull ups by the 17th green, and fielding forfeits back in the ice pool of death to finish off a great first day.

Day Two

Today started before dawn again with a run to down to the gym for a core and prehab session. A gruelling finish in the sandpit relaying tyres up and down left the players well and truly ready for breakfast.
The weather news from home made the lads appreciate the morning fielding session under clear blue skies even more. The intensity and quality this morning was top drawer, baseballs and cricket balls fizzing around between the groups and some outstanding catches taken.
We finished the day with a tough interval session back on the grass, all the players pushing each other to make sure the 3rd session of the day was as intense as the first session. Three brilliant sessions in the bank today, ice baths in the pool to finish and some tired boys early to bed tonight I think!

Day Three

Day 3 and after a lighter session yesterday with only two main sessions the Big Brother house members were ready to go again before sunrise this morning. A brisk jog to start the morning then an early prehab session. Just when they thought it was breakfast time out came the big yellow tyres - held above the heads for three sets of six squat jumps up the training stairs. Tough work but great efforts from everyone to push through the pain barrier.
Beautiful sunshine for the second session of the day down on the field with music blaring. Explosive power and sprint work to start, followed by some great fielding drills led by Gary Yates. The bowlers were able to bowl two spells either side of fielding and really ran in hard.
Big gym session in the sun on the cards this afternoon and the max pull up challenge by the 17th green to finish another great day of training!


Day Four

It's the last heavy day of training today and we challenged the players to produce three big sessions of effort and intensity to match the superb work they've put in all week so far.
Up before dawn again for one last jog down to the gym in the moonlight, and an abs shredding core session as the sun rose. 40 mins of med-balls, crunches, physio-ball, trunk and core work really pushed them to their limits, but they found something in reserve to finish hard with the sandpit tyre sprints. They will be pleased to see the back of the big yellow tyres!
The outdoor session started with competitive sprints and chases, trying to outmanoeuvre and evade each other wherever possible. Yatesy had a veritable fielding assault course laid out and the baseballs were soon whizzing around. This was followed by the 70 catch challenge, with players defending some very valuable ice pool recovery time penalties (30 seconds per dropped catch). The intensity and competition amongst the six was brilliant and looking back on the week's sessions it's been impossible to spot a drop off in any of the three sessions per day. The lads have been a credit to themselves and gained a huge amount in terms of physical robustness and nutritional education this week at Desert Springs.
One more huge hill sprint session to finish this afternoon, ice pool recovery and a well earned cold cerveza I think!

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