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Squad Concentrate On Cricket

Lancashire's squad have been stepping up their preparations for the new season by training at the ICC Global Cricket Academy on day two of their trip to Dubai.

Head Coach Peter Moores led a morning session which was followed by an afternoon in the gym as the players prepare for their first t20 match against Sussex Sharks on Thursday.

This is the squad’s second experience of warm weather training this year following a trip to Spain last month. As Spain’s sessions were predominantly focused on fitness, Dubai will see Peter Moores’ side focus on cricket, with the Red Rose potentially taking part in six games.

LCCC Strength and Conditioning Coach Phil Scott said: "The emphasis here is more on cricket. In Spain we really got stuck into the physical side with three sessions a day. The physical work in Spain has set them up nicely for here where they will be able to do two solid sessions of cricket a day.

“We'll throw in the odd session of physical work, whether it's gym-based or some cardio on the fields, and they are ready for that."

More physical work will be introduced in the coming days as the squad adjust to Dubai’s differing conditions weather. 

"The lads had a bit of a run-around today to get their legs moving and refresh their systems after a decent flight with not much sleep,” Scott said.

"In weather like this it's very important that they are covered in sun cream and are hydrated. They'll find it very hard working on the grass with the heat. They are fully aware of that and they'll stay on top of it.”

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