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14th May 2013
New scouting scheme in place

The Lancashire Cricket Board has set up a new scouting scheme to ensure that no talented young cricketer in the county escapes its notice.

The move is evidence of the LCB's determination to give every promising player in Lancashire a chance to progress and the board's Performance Manager Steve Titichard is optimistic that the system will bear fruit.
"We've identified ten LCB scouts who will work at club, league, district and county level," said Titchard. "There will be a scouts in all regions and they will monitor the performances of the cricketers on the Emerging Players Programme and also those with the Academy.
"However, they will look at the performances of other players and report back to Academy Director John Stanworth on those over 17 and to me on those under that age. These reports will also give us a clear idea of the quality of cricket they're playing."
In addition three members of staff at Emirates Old Trafford have been appointed as ECB coaches and scouts for the whole of the North.
John Stanworth has been appointed Head Coach for the North's Under 17 team while Titchard will fulfil the same role for the Under 15 team.
Jenny Laycock and Tony Potter have been selected as the ECB Womens and Girls' Talent Scouts for the North.
"These appointments mean that we will get to see the best young players from the North playing against cricketers from our area," said Titchard.

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Paul Edwards