Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff
Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff has never forgotten his Old Trafford debut.

"It's still one of the best feelings for me to be here at Old Trafford and with the lads - my mates - in the dressing room." said Freddie on his return from the Caribbean.

"Still, the best memory that I have is of my first match here when I played for the under-11s when I was nine years old. I'm always ripping into Pete [Marron] because he put us a wicket on the outfield!

"But at the end of the day, we still went through the same doors and onto the same field and that was a great feeling.

"Of course, it's always amazing to see the place full like the Ashes Test in 2005. I remember driving in on that final day,and seeing all of the people queueing outside.

"It's a shame that we won't be back to play a Test Match against Australia next time. But it's a fantastic cricket ground and it's a pleasure to play here."
Martyn Hindley