Standing Room Only!

Old Trafford's redevelopment work continues with all the seating being replaced and the Media Centre taking shape

It's a case of 'standing room only' as the ground has no seats currently in place!

Our slideshow above shows the Old Trafford in its current condition - there's a lot to do before the first game on May 2nd!

All the existing seating has gone, having been distributed to several Lancashire clubs recently, as our photos of the Pavilion, the Point and the Eddie Paynter Stand show.

On the opposite side of the ground, the new dressing rooms and Media Centre is slowly taking shape, with work on the two new double-tiered stands well underway.

There is a live webcam view of the Statham End development, and we will be adding a second webcam on the Pavilion in early February once the redevelopment work commences.

The new seating will be installed in March, while work on the two, new, double-tiered stands is expected to be completed in mid-June (on the left-hand side of the Media Centre), and mid-June (on the right-hand side stand near the Cricket Centre).

Work on the Media Centre and players dressing rooms will be completed in August.