Redevelopment plans announced

Redevelopment plans announced
LANCASHIRE have announced that they are in partnership with Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council in a scheme to re-develop the Old Trafford ground and surrounding areas.

It would mean the Club retaining Old Trafford as its headquarters and transforming it into a world-class stadium.

“It is a stunning opportunity for us to get it right,” said Mr Michael Cairns, the chairman of the Club’s Business Committee, at a Media Conference at Old Trafford today. “We want to be the capital of cricket – outside Lord’s.”

A figure of around 30m has been mentioned in talks of how the ground could be re-developed. But Mr Cairns, who has also headed a sub-committee investigating the Club’s future location, insisted that the playing arena would not be moved from its current position.

"The re-development scheme would incorporate land owned by the Council, including the Town Hall site." Mr Cairns added: “Funding will come out of the development and property gains, and also from other possible partners such as the North-West Development Agency and Sport England. There is the chance to produce an iconic feature for Manchester and for the North-West,” he said.

Jack Simmons, the Club Chairman said: “Nobody is more pleased than me to be thinking of staying here. I also know Freddie Flintoff will feel the same.”

Mr Cairns said: "Trafford MBC, particularly under the leadership of Susan Williams, David McNulty, the Chief Executive, and Dr Gary Pickering have been consistent in their commitment towards developing a partnership that would provide material benefit to make it feasible for us to remain here at Old Trafford. Trafford MBC have agreed to:-

• Make their land - being the existing Town Hall  - available for redevelopment in such terms that clearly encapsulates material financial support to enable Lancashire C.C.C. to achieve its vision within Trafford. Upon the requisite pre-conditions being satisfied, including full Council approval, the TMBC land would pass to Lancashire and its development partner on terms to be agreed;
• Provide material and planning support for both the re-development of the ground and the land currently occupied by the present Town Hall for the benefit of Lancashire CC.C.;
• Be prepared to explore and help secure other public funding from relevant sources such as NWDA, Sport England etc;
• Provide other planning gain opportunities which have yet to be formalised;
• Join with Lancashire C.C.C. to form a wider working party with the task of assessing the potential of a wider area with particular input to highways, services, planning etc.

Mr Cairns said: "While the foregoing represents only the outline basis for going forward it does nonetheless represent a full commitment by both parties to produce a cricket arena of outstanding quality together with a development programme which will result in overall regeneration and improvement to this area."